In my research I assemble  raw materials to generate metaphysical spaces. As in a process of cell proliferation, I repeat obsessively elementary geometric elements, forming agglomerates more and more complex. Undefined structures that recall maze-architecture or totemic figures.

Playing on the boundary between shapeless and shaped, between the abstract and symbolic, I develop a language of archetypal elements related to the sphere of the desire and the sacred.



Born in Venice in 1975. Lives and works in the Venetian hinterland.

My theoretical approach reveals the influences of sociological studies, held in Rome, La Sapienza, where I graduated in 2007 with a dissertation on the imagination of the male body. Exploring the metaphysics aesthetic I moved from painting, in use since 1990, to video. From 1996 to 2009, I was engaged in self-production trials and worked as director, director of photography and scenographer for film and television small productions aired on SKY or screened on independent circuits.



SugarPulp Underground Party, multidisciplinary group exhibition, Sottopasso della Stua, Padua.
Sparsi al vento, video-caffè-theater experimantal event, CRC Utopya, Abano Terme.

Artelaguna Prize, finalist artists exhibition, Arsenale, Venice.

Statements 2013, group exhibition curated by Ivan Quaroni, Circoloquadro, Milan.

Postqardsgroup exhibition curated by Marta Cereda, Circoloquadro, Milan.

Tegumento-La voce del corpo, group exhibition curated by Vittorio Comi, Osnago, Lecco.


Sine Timore, group exhibition at New Generation Festival, Palazzo Pisani, Vicenza.
StART, solo exhibition at Sugarpulp Festival, San Gaetano cultural center, Padua.
Premio Celeste, other selected, sculpture.